Guai Shu Shu

" Throughout my life until now, i have always been mistaken, misjudged, stereotype and lived in pools of misconceptions.... I once excelled but I choose to be become monstrous, i recovered and now struggling to make up my intentional mistake which is tough .... but no regret because its personal enrichment and i am grateful that i am still in this world.......

I hoped my simple blogs via photographs will help to clear some misconceptions that those who know me may have. .... I am simple yet complicated ....
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Sweet Potatoes Balls (Cucur Badak or 番薯蛋)



I have prepared these potatoes from one of my recipe books. In my recipe book, these were called “Nonya Sweet Potatoes Balls”. I am very doubtful about whether this is Peranakan cuisines since I have never seen these being sold in Nonya Kuih stalls….


To double confirm, I have posted the images in my personal timeline and a Peranakan Facebook Group. Friends and members of the Group…

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Just to share with all, this is the cups to grams measurement that I always used.

I have decided to share with friends despite the risk involved. If you like to use it as a reference, just download but please do not circulate as I am not confidence all figures will be theoretically correct.

In addition, I have to qualify that this is for my self use and was not counter checked by any third party. Some of the per cup measurement are conflicting between each other between different website from different countries. So use with caution.

My sincere advise is : Get a set of measuring cups. Avoid unnecessary conversions. Some recipe measurement are so smooth with the use of cups.

If you do not have cups, use rice cooker cup!