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" Throughout my life until now, i have always been mistaken, misjudged, stereotype and lived in pools of misconceptions.... I once excelled but I choose to be become monstrous, i recovered and now struggling to make up my intentional mistake which is tough .... but no regret because its personal enrichment and i am grateful that i am still in this world.......

I hoped my simple blogs via photographs will help to clear some misconceptions that those who know me may have. .... I am simple yet complicated ....
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Cake or Bread? Cake Bread (蛋糕面包)

Anybody interested to have both cake and bread as your breakfast? 有谁喜欢蛋糕面包吗?

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It is bread surrounded by a cake…Rather confusing. A bread dough was placed in the loaf tin, prior to the baking of the bread, some cake  batter was poured on top of the bread and baked together. At the end of the day, a loaf of cake surrounded bread was produced. The texture of the cake is very soft and blends well with the fully proofed bread.


I have obtained this recipe from Ms…

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via Facebook MEASURING CUPS (English scroll down) 量杯

当食谱用cups 的时候,最好不要换成gram 或 ml. 至少在我的食谱。 有时刻意用cup 就是因为比率容易,大家容易做。其中最典型的就是鸡蛋糕的1杯糖,1杯蛋和一杯粉。所以用什么杯都没有关系因为比率一样。传统食谱基本都是以杯/碗为主。




When a recipe called for a cup, use a cup and do not convert unnecessary. A cup of oil will weigh differently from a cup of water and a cup of plain flour will weigh differently from a cup of glutinous flour. Cup is usually used in traditional recipe and watch out for the ratio.

If you do not have a proper measuring cup, use a rice cooker cup.. that is a standard cup. It will definitely a good idea to invest in a set of measuring cup which is likely cost less than SGD5.. only 2 loaf of butter or even cheaper..

via Facebook how to pronounce? Banjir? BAN-J or BAN-JIL? Argue with my wife !

via Facebook 以量取人:便宜吗?
fast service, volume and limited product sold are the critical success factor of this biz model.